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David SCI Corp - Video Review


Justine from Weston


 S. Wong - Tamarac, FL

Best Service Fast turn around. My system needed a quick tune-up, in not time I was up and running faster than ever.
 For only $49 bucks, what a deal, I will use them forever.

 The Computer Guys at CompGuyUSA did a great job in fixing my computer.
 I waited a 1/2 hour and these guys optimized my computer, put a virus program on it, and I was better than new!

Kristen L. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

My computer stopped working, it is about 5 years old. The owner was able to retrieve my data and put it on a hard drive for me. Very personable and reasonably priced. He could have easily ripped me off and charged me hundreds to fix. Glad I found this place.

Steven L - Delray Beach, FL

I had just left another computer repair shop that wanted to charge me $100 to just LOOK at my computer. Do you get it? They could "look" at my computer, tell me that my computer is broken and can't be fixed and then say, "That will be $100, please." Well, no thank you.

So I was driving around and saw this big sign that read, "Computer Repair. Quick Fix $35" along with a number. I called and found out where they were.

The first pleasant piece of news is that they give a free diagnostic. So if my computer truly was "broken" at least it would not cost me anything to find out.

To my delight, I found out I had downloaded a bad driver. They fixed my computer in about 20 minutes, which qualifies as a "quick fix" so I only had to pay 35 bucks. They were a group of nice guys there too who didn't make me feel like a dummy.

I hope I never have to see them again, because that would mean something is wrong with my computer

, but if something does go wrong, or if one of my one of my friends has a computer problem, I will certainly go back.

On-Site Service Available, We also fix Macs!


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