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Free Computer Repair Diagnostic

Some times Free cost a lot ;) - Osr

Do On To Others ...

True Story: I once went to a computer store back in the day to pick up a system that I was buying wholesale. I ask the Computer Technician to test if the system worked properly? He said he would have to charge me his one hour fee for this, I said no thank you.

I then ask him if I could do a quick test right there in front of him, so I can determine if the system that he was selling me worked properly, So can I plug it in?

"That Fool wanted to charge me, just to plug in the computer"!

At CompGuyUSA it is "No Sweat" for us to do a Free Diagnostic, which is a quick five to tem minute inspection of your computer only in our office by a technician come to see a technician. For more details please stop by.



*A FREE DIAGNOSTIC is a quick 5 to 10 minute inspection of your computer preformed only in our shop by request. Not available for onsite. There may be a charge for opening up your computer, see your invoice for more details.


On-Site Service Available, We also fix Macs!


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